Essay: Employee motivation theories

As Ms. Barton plans to see Mr. Cornwall, there are issues she intends to discuss with him. The first is concerned with the chain of command, and the management of the staff. The fact that Ms. Barton was their immediate supervisor she was better placed on the advising capacity to the management. The fact that Ms. Barton was aware of the kind of relation the staff in her departments had, she was in a better position to inform and implement the changes that were required to increase sales.

               Since it is the responsibility of the sales clerks to increase sales, the best approach that the management would have used employee motivation theories. These motivational processes are meant to stimulate and direct goal oriented behavior. Ms. Barton and Mr. Cornwall should have considered the physiological and psychological needs of the employees that would arouse their behavior. The use of the job performance model of motivation should assist them in encouraging their staff to increase salesAustin(2008).

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