Essay: Overseas Clothing Industry Laborers

Sample Essay

Overseas, clothing industry laborers more often than not, work for peanuts, working under very harsh conditions. Nearly, every manufacturer will go for cheaper labor costs where workers lack power to stand for their rights. This phenomenon is so rampant today especially with the ongoing liberalization of trade barriers. Bad enough, there are states whose governments spend their time destroying labor associations that might protect the rights of workers. In this sense, apparel production is widely growing occasioned by the elements just mentioned here above. U.S. garment vendors and manufacturers are making such huge profits in this industry.

As mentioned earlier, they set low wages for the laborers with no connection to the production input. Recall, the labor theory of value according to Karl Mark illustrated earlier long.  In Mexico, for instance, garment workers are 70% equally productive as their counterparts in United States, yet they earn 10% as much per hour (Kurt Salmon Associates, c.1998).

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