Essay: Key Strengths for Coca Cola

Sample Essay The main key strength of the company is its brand name which has the highest brand equity as reported in 2006. The brand name has been able to leverage the stock of the company in the market and increase its net work by a multiplier effect. The other strengths of the company include the company’s strong presence in the Latin America and its significant loyal consumer base. “The company is also the largest bottler of Coca-Cola trademark beverages in Latin America. Coca-Cola FEMSA distributes about 10% of the worldwide production of Coca-Cola products, making it the second-largest Coca-Cola bottler in the world after Coca-Cola Enterprises. The company operates in Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, and Central America. It has a distribution network that reaches approximately 1.7 million points of sale across nine countries in Latin America.” (‘Coca-Cola FEMSA SWOT Analysis’, 2007) Another strength of the company is its high revenue and income per employee. The net income per employee was recorded at $98,686.3 in 2006 while the industry net revenue per employee stood at $ 32,167.1. This was significantly a very string key point in the favor of the company, depicting its performance and profitability as per its human resource and the high level of productivity. Moreover, the company has been performing in a strong manner in the Brazilian and the Central American market
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