Essay: Issues in the Hospitality Industry

15 Oct

Essay: Issues in the Hospitality Industry

Sample Essay

This study set out to find out the contemporary issues in the hospitality industry. Due to its nature, the hospitality industry and globalization effect the industry has several contemporary issues. These contemporary issues have a direct impact on the hospitality industry and for that reason; they must be strategically managed for these businesses to succeed. This study however lays emphasis on the contemporary issues in human resource management.

The findings of this study suggest that many of the participating hotels’ thinking and mindset are at the operational level, rather than the strategic level. Even though a good number were able to identify particular human resource management issues as vital, it seems that many do not have strategic approaches to deal with these challenges. Equally, although most perceived specific human resource management functions and practices as being very important, some of not properly used. Some of those interviewed had novel thoughts and creative ideas but had a limited voice or participation in decision-making. It seems that their role to go behind the policy that set already by top management, rather than being an active voice or head in the organization’s thinking.

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