Essay: The use of horizontal loading

To achieve this they need to enlarge the job, this entails the addition of variety in the job and the use of horizontal loading. Addition of more activities and the involvement of colleagues should change the task design. The management should also use job rotation, this means that they move employees from one task to another; this reduces boredom and dissatisfaction and assists in making of schedules easier. Ms. Barton’s should move the sales clerks from the sales front and exchange with the stocking and stores department.

                They should also use the job enrichment approach to motivate staff. By considering the job characteristics that produce satisfaction and the hygienic factors that are associated with job dissatisfaction Bakker (2010). The hygienic factors to consider in their discussion are the use of tally cards that have brought on competition and the neglect of duties on the act of the threat of job loss incase sales records are not satisfactory.

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