Essay: What is democracy

18 Oct

Essay: What is democracy

Sample Essay

Democracy is a concept that has had different perceptions from different religions since time immemorial. Some of the religions that supported this view are Christians, Buddhism, Hinduism, atheism, paganism and Bahai. These religions appreciate the role of democracy in harmonic living. However, there are other classes of religion whose position on democracy is relatively harsh and less hospitable: Islam and Judaism. This can be attributed to the authoritative nature of their doctrine and the rigidity of their beliefs.

Embracing democracy has seen religions adopt a more flexible view to life and therefore, besides living in harmony, they have been able to adopt western developmental packages. However, it can be argued that this has led to their loss of identity as there dependency level is quite high. On the contrary, the religions that are less hospitable to democracy have always lived miserable lives as a result of constant disputes and wars. However, unlike the more hospitable religions, they enjoy and protect their true identity.

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