Essay: Criticism of Sigmund Freud’s Theory

Criticism of Sigmund Freud’s Theory

Criticism of Sigmund Freud’s theory : Plaut (para 18) further expounds on criticism of the theory. Plaut however explains that the theory is also defended with as much gusto as it is criticized. Professionals and laymen alike have found the theory too simple. As such, they find it not good enough to analyze or explain a complex phenomenon such as the human mind. Plaut notes that Freud laid much emphasis on sex and was heavily gender biased. However, he argues that the criticism could arise from misinterpretation of Freud’s work as he tried to simplify the theory. He concludes by noting that the theory is purely scientific and cannot be proven. On the same issue, Beystehner (para 22) agrees that Freud could have oversimplified the model in his attempt to make it well understood.
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