Essay: Psychoanalytic theory

Boeree argues that the theory is just a theory that was aimed at bringing an incomprehensible subject to a point where it can be well understood by all. Boeree highlights criticism on the aspect of the unconscious, by quoting it as the major misjudge in the Psychoanalytic theory. Bland explains the concept of the unconscious. According to Bland, Freud classified the human mind into three sections; the id, ego, and super-ego. Id means that which is within and dictates the usual drives and motivations. It has no moral obligation. The super-ego is the unconscious that strictly observes moral and ethical integrity. The ego, therefore, comes in to bring the balance between the id and the super-ego. These forces unconsciously affect the relationship between socialization and biology, and the energy between them. This aspect is the subject for Boeree’s criticism, where he argues that the actions that are motivated by the unconscious are not as many as Freud put. He further argues that the modern definition of the unconscious is that which is insignificant and asserts this opinion by noting that modern theorists don’t even use the concept of the unconscious at all.
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