Essay: The Organizational Structure at district level

15 Jun

Essay: The Organizational Structure at district level

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At the district level health authority is similar to that of regional level but vary only with the scale of being a district. The District Chairmen appointed on a part-time and non-executive basis who in turn appoints more or less than five (5) full-time District Executive that will have an overall responsibility for performance overseeing to achieve the objectives of the district Authority. District chairmen reorganizes redefine the roles of functional managers; ensure that the primary reporting relationship of functional managers is to the Region Executive who makes final decision and management structure of the Authority.

The Organizational Structure Units

At the unit level, the Unit Executives are appointed and given their responsibilities by the District Chairmen; thereafter the Unit Executive would be the Unit’s (CEO) chief executive. However, at present time the appointments are still made to the nurses and the doctors who hamper some of the critical decisions to be made.  At this level the effectiveness should be focused on the implementation of the policies designed by the NHS board.

The role of doctors

 The doctors to a great extend as internal persons to the management and running of the health services. For instance, after Authorities approve the allocation of funds the doctors within the hospital and Unit managers makes his decisions based on bed-availability and on basis of suffering, probability of death. The issues of the roles of doctors in the NHS are more controversial and needs to be evaluated carefully. However, findings recommends that new executives should take over from functional managers who are doctors the really interesting and responsible decision making part of their work.


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