Essay: Significance of Gun Control

Sample Essay Gun Control relates to the security and the good living of the American public. If keeping these assault rifles open to the public does not give us a better society, what good is there to protect this right? Certainly, freedoms should not be curtailed but should be defended to every last inch but if it compromises the very security of our children and our future, then it is freedom worth relinquishing.             The ideal solution would be to ban assault rifles altogether. However, if this can not be met, it requires at least that better controls and background checks be brought into place about gun purchases. This would not only help to control the damage to some extent and protect the rights under the Second Amendment but may also help to lower the trafficking of these assault weapons to the drug cartels in Mexico which are armed through the United States. A better society is indeed worth fighting for and if compromises have to be made for a better future, it is perhaps prudent to make them now rather than let the bearers of our future suffer.
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