Essay: Sexual and spirit revolution

19 Oct

Essay: Sexual and spirit revolution

Sample Essay

The beat generation advocated for sexual and spirit revolution which were going against the ideals of the society and were even considered taboo in the society. Their main agenda was to promote the importance of modernism. By converting every issue in the society it led to loss of the original spiritual idealism which was practiced then. Most people thought that beat generation was totally associated with the vices for example immorality, criminal activities and delinquency. However there were those who made movies on rape cases, pornography and other obscene features which went against the values of the society.

To a great extent the beats generation has affected the society negatively. The dressing styles are also unique and portray the aspect of modernism and which remain unwelcome in the society. The traditional believes and concepts of sex and masculinity were challenged by the beat generation of the 1950s. Issues discussed were subjects which were considered to be taboo by the society for example homosexuality. The culture fabric which leads to cohesiveness and forms the root of every society was destroyed.

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