Essay: Relation of Earthquakes and Volcanoes

11 Dec

Essay: Relation of Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Earthquakes and volcanoes are closely related to each other. Explosive volcanoes can easily result into the development of an earthquake. Volcanoes which produce acidic lava are the most common in causing earthquakes (Booth, 2011). When it comes in contact with air, acidic lava cools off very quickly. This causes a blockage in the volcanic vent. As a result, there is no escape of pressure.  The build up of pressure reaches its limit and explodes through the weakest part of the volcano. The resultant explosion can result into an earthquake of a very huge magnitude.

            Earthquakes and volcanoes are thus linked to each other in that either can result in another taking place. Eruption of a volcano can easily result into a huge earthquake which may cause devastating effects to the residents within its radius. Earthquakes also cause the emergence of tsunamis when they occur close to the sea shore (Booth, 2011). Tsunamis are usually more devastating in their effects than the earthquake itself. The shock waves cause the water to move in a series of waves at different speeds and height. These waves sweep and demolish anything that they encounter in their paths.

It is therefore very important that people are well educated on the causes and effects of the same in order to take precaution in the event that these disasters take place.

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