Essay: Earthquakes in Japan

Essay: Earthquakes in Japan – Japan recently recorded one of the worst earthquakes to ever hit the country since late 1800. A massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit the country on the eastern coast resulting in a huge tsunami, sweeping away boats, homes, cars, and people. Widespread fires erupted from this quake and sent the country into a national disaster. The question that was left to many of the people who experienced this quake was, just what might have caused the earthquake and what are the effects of an earthquake?             An earthquake is a sudden tremor or movement of the crust of the earth (Laing, 2010). These tremors usually originate naturally at the surface of the earth or below it. Earthquakes are generally linked to the movement of the lithosphere plates which are what make up the surface of the earth. A sudden movement of the crust causes a shift in the position of these plates. This causes a series of concentric shock waves to originate from this point. Tremendous energy builds up within the rock and when this energy is released, the shock waves released the result in the emergence of the earthquake. These are just excerpts of essays for you to view. Please click on Order Now for custom essays, research papers, term papers, thesis, dissertations, case studies, and book reports Get custom essay writing on Earthquakes in Japan by clicking “Order Now” Read the next academic writing “Essay: Application of Positive Reinforcements in the Field of Nursing