Essay: Onset of ADD/ADHD

15 Jul

Essay: Onset of ADD/ADHD

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As a physiological condition, it is recognized that ADD/ADHD could be present at birth but the symptoms are not present until after five years when children are active enough to show the hyperactive characteristics. Diagnosis is thus probable between 7- 10 years on average.


Survey carried out in 1996 recorded a total of 40% of children taken to psychiatrists had been diagnosed to have ADD/ADHD , while it affects an estimated 4%-12% of school age children this is  mostly  diagnosed in male than female children and  translates to 4.4 million  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder affected youths. Adults on the other hand recorded prevalence rate of 2%-5% with male adults recording higher than female adults at 4% and 10% respectively. There is identified variation in this prevalence estimation as some regions record higher percentages. For example, industrialized counties records higher.

By the year 2003, more than 2.5 million were under medication for ADD/ADHD related symptoms. This number has increases significantly with some areas recording double and more.

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