Essay: Features of ADHD

Sample Essay – ADHD

One of the main features of ADHD is a child’s inability to focus on a task without becoming inattentive throughout the process. The accommodations implemented within the classroom in reference to student A, are recognized through the teachers pedagogies that are implemented that provide an inclusive environment for the student.

Successful inclusion within this classroom is recognized as catering for every child’s needs in reference to their learning. Matt & Bolaski, (1998) highlight that successful achievement is produced when high levels of concentration are evident in student’s behavior and that students who have poor concentration levels are continually exposed to academic disadvantages.

As student A lacks concentration on set tasks therefore placing him in a position where he may not be learning to his full potential. Adjustments and modifications were developed for this student, which therefore aimed at helping student A become part of a more inclusive environment catering for his needs. The outcomes for lessons throughout the day were altered therefore student A is working towards and achieving outcomes of a level 2 learner.

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