Essay: Modern psychoanalysis

Sample Essay

In light of modern psychoanalysis, a study conducted by Carveth (1994) affirms that in order to attain inter-subjectivity and enjoy its implications, it is important to forego the isolation that characterizes certain individuals. The myth of isolation indicates that some individuals virtually exist on their own, independent of the world and other individuals. As such, they become vulnerable to the different forces and challenges that life presents. This vulnerability then culminates in conditions of anxiety and anguish that in some instances become unbearable. It should be acknowledged that the state of anxiety highly inhibits effective emotional functioning of an individual.

To this effect, therapists recommend that patients are required to open up and involve third parties in making important decisions. In addition, when faced with any emotional and psychological problems, the patients should seek early interventions that can be readily provided by the persons that they are close to. This is instrumental in regulating the severity of the effect of mental problems to their wellbeing (Carveth, 1994). Basically, this theory shows that establishment of viable ‘real’ social relationships goes a long way in avoiding psychological problems. It is because they give the patients a chance for relief during the early stages of their psychological anguish and relatively prevent situations of psychological breakdown and the associated mental difficulties.

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