Essay: Labor laws and cost of running a business enterprise

15 Sep

Essay: Labor laws and cost of running a business enterprise

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The cost of labor plays a very crucial role in the determination of the overall cost of running a business enterprise. Various labor laws ensure that certain crucial laws that govern the hiring, recruitment and remuneration efforts of the employees. In most developing countries, affairs of the employees have not been addressed in detail. It is evident that the welfare of the employees is very crucial for the excellence and superb performance of a business enterprise. Labor laws always have the major intention of ensuring that the welfare of the employees is protected and that their performance levels are fully enhanced so that the overall goals of the business organization improve.

Nigeria’s hotel industry’s labor laws have certain industries entails a number of issues that relate to the overall performance expectations and behavior of the employees at the work place. The actual cost of labor in the hotel industry is not quite well defined. Various laws in the West Africa country do not reflect the actual needs of the Hotel industry. Moreover, the changing environment in which the hotels in Nigeria operate in is not reflected in the manner in which laws are implemented (The Gulf News 2008). A number of laws and bi-laws do exist in Nigeria regarding the operation-ability of the hotel industry. The United Kingdom has various laws that reflect on the manner in which the industry is conducted. The entry and exit strategies of hotels in both the United Kingdom and in Nigeria have been defined.

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