Essay: Killings in Havana in 1960

15 Feb

Essay: Killings in Havana in 1960

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In March 1960, a freighter by the name of La Coubre exploded killing around 75 people in Havana and this ended in increasing tensions between the two countries. Castro accused theUSof sinking the vessel and the same month President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed in to law an agreement to have the CIA train Cuban refugees to overthrow the Cuban government. President john F. Kennedy rejected a plan to land the dissidents in Trinidad and “the CIA suggested a new area, the Bahia de Cochinos, orBay of Pigs” (Weeks 124).  This led to theBay of Pigsinvasion in 1961 but it did not succeed.

As Castro continued with naturalizing US businesses, the latter banned all trade between the two countries in October 19, 1960.Cubahad no alternative but to look for other trade partners and they went ahead and started dealing with theSoviet Union. It was afterU.S., diplomats Edwin L. Sweet and Wiliam G. Friedman were arrested and expelled from the island, that theUSgovernment began plans of how to destabilize the Cuban government.  There were also confirmed reports that theUSgovernment tried Castro and other Cuban leaders between the years of 1960 and 1965(Weeks 167-178).

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