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The Keynesian school was founded by John Maynard Keynes who inspired a set of five economists from Britain. These five economists (members) of Keynes circus namely; Richard Kahn, Joan Robinson, Piero Sraffa, James Meade and Austin Robinson, came jointly to examine Keynes paper immediately after it emerged in the year 1930 and after wards noted on the succeeding plans of general theory prior its publication[1].

Other members although were Roy F Harrod, Abba Lerner, John Hicks and Nicholas Kaldor. Up to the year 1960,Cambridgeresearch followed the way influenced by F. Harrod. TheCambridgeresearch is a combination of three pieces of work; the macroeconomic idea by John Maynard Keynes, distributional prominence by Michal Kalecki and value theory by Pierro Sraffa.

[1] The Cambridge Keynesians, retrieved on 22nd, March, 2008, available at

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