Essay: The Gulf Cooperation Council

19 Oct

Essay: The Gulf Cooperation Council

Sample Essay

The gulf cooperation council (GCC) was created to safeguard the interests of the member countries. They all have similarities in governance and functions. In this paper, the author of this research shall carry out a study on the factors affecting the level of foreign goods and services in Kuwait. The research shall be carried out in five parts, starting with an introductory background, and ending in the provision of recommendations.

In the first chapter, the author shall provide a general overview of the countries making the gulf cooperation council in a bid to account for the developments that have taken place in the GCC countries. Consequently, the researcher shall continue to inquire on whether there is over reliance in oil resource, in which a number of factors that feature prominently on the ground, but whose acknowledgment is never taken to focus, shall be mentioned. In so doing, the author shall have provided a problem statement indicating the need to carry out research in this area taking Kuwait as a case study. Consequently, the researcher shall provide the objectives of the study, and the various questions that shall assist in the completion of the research. Generally, the main aim of the first chapter shall be to lay a strong background for the proceeding sections of the research.

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