Essay: Green Construction

Sample Essay

Scientists have revealed that the environment is also compromised whenever man set to build (Sobha, 2008, p. 33). Be it a house to live in or any other kinds of building, environment unfriendly activities have been done. Also known as sustainable building, green construction is aimed at ensuring that the most environment friendly resources are used to come up with good and cheap structures. This does not only cater for new buildings but also for old but under renovation.

It also entails demolition and maintenance of buildings. Designer of buildings are encouraged to come up with buildings that are environment friendly either directly or indirectly. By so saying, a building can be indirectly beneficial when its design enable it use the least amounts of energy for example in lighting. Direct effect to environment conservation can be represented by a house that  releases little or no waste to the environments for instance using clean energy for cooking rather that using chimneys that emit too much smoke. A green building is also expected to offer its occupants security with ought having to negatively impact the environment.

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