Essay: Ex-Offenders in the UK

Sample Essay Ronald (2006, p. 18) discloses that more than 75 percent of ex-offenders in the UK go-ahead to commit a crime within their first year after release. The study goes ahead to show that the highest percentage are male at 68 percent implying that male offenders are more likely to commit another crime after imprisonment compared to females. Another study in 2004 showed that 68 percent and 38 percent of male and female offenders respectively were re-arrested in 2003. This rate of re-incarceration is expected to rise with a special focus on male offenders. The report goes further to say that 7 out of 10 male offenders do find themselves back in prison in less than one year after release. Thomas and  Roldan (2005, p. 67) clarify further that this perception of males being more likely to re-offend gives them a very stiff challenge when it comes to employment after incarceration. Potential employers consider them very insecure to employ not only because they can commit a crime within the working environment but may also leave work immediately they are rearrested. These facts are more detrimental to the possibility of male ex-offenders securing jobs after prison thus encouraging recidivism even further.
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