Essay: Diverse Tendencies in a Society

19 Oct

Essay: Diverse Tendencies in a Society

Sample Essay

There are diverse tendencies in the society that vary from one level of the social system to the next. Pro-lifers strongly assert that life begins at conception. Human rights activists will not rest until human life is preserved and safeguarded against injustice, killings and unwarranted punishment by the state in form of arbitrary use of force through the police force.

Procreation is such a strong desire for most humans and well reflected in family life through marriage. Association leading to friendship actually every constitution recognizes freedom of association. As mentioned earlier long, the faculty of intellect in man inclines him/her towards truth hence the reason why education is an inalienable right to everybody especially children.

Today, whenever a parent denies sending his/her children to school or a in a case whereby a father fails educating the children in the case of divorce, the two cases are offences in law. Love for God attracts the whole idea of religion. In every constitution there exists a clear demarcation between the state and religion. On no account can the state interfere with matters of religion or the vice-versa. The two remain separate entities and every entity plays a role in championing the common good. Whereas the state uses the civil laws as outlined in the penal code or code laws to ensure flourishing of the human person in this case citizens the church uses its ecclesiastical laws to ensure flourishing of the faithful in this case the Christians. Muslims fight for their rights basing their arguments on the Kadhi Doctrines hence Kadhi’s Courts.

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