Essay: Why couples cohabit

18 Oct

Essay: Why couples cohabit

Sample Essay

The two main reasons why couples cohabit are spending more time together and minimizing the cost of living. Cohabiting actually begins gradually. A couple will spend the night together, then they will do it again and before they know it, they have moved in together. The message that can be tapped from this new lifestyle is the way young people now view marriage. Marriage is now seen as something that does not have to be formal as long as two people of the opposite sex can come to live together under some arrangements.

To evaluate their compatibility once they get married. They learn about each other’s likes and dislikes, learn about each other’s habits, and make a decision whether one can tolerate them and also to determine the strength of their relationship. This changes the family formation where individuals had to engage in courtship to understand each other better and decide whether to live with the other partner or quit. After a short period of meeting, two individuals can now live together cohabiting and consider now live together cohabiting and consider it courtship. Cohabiting can be better than courtship where individuals will live together and thus understand each other better thus avoiding divorce.

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