Essay: Carbonated Drinks Market

Sample Essay The buyers in the global carbonated drinks market are the retailers and the whole sellers who buy the drinks in bulk from the manufacturing companies. They operate as per the demand of the customers and trade in stock according to speculation in the market. The outputs in the market, therefore, are the drinks, while the inputs include fruit juices, milk as well as herbal extracts. The major portion of the market is dominated by the standard cola segment in the global market for carbonated drinks. This is followed by the fruit-flavored carbonated drinks and then the mixers. Based on the regions, in the year 2007, the European and the Asian Pacific market is depicting tremendous growth in the consumption of drinks while North America and Latin America is the leading market in terms of the consumption of functional drinks. The industry is mostly in the stage of growth going towards maturity as the profit and performance of the industry have been becoming steadier over the period of time.
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