Essay: Authoritarian Parenting

15 Oct

Essay: Authoritarian Parenting

Sample Essay

Authoritarian parenting involves the parents letting the children know what is expected of them without the parents themselves being responsible enough to play their parental roles through follow-ups.

Parents are always very strict and the children may lack the freedom to do whatever they think is right on their own. Additionally, children are normally dictated to follow the parents’ rules in a very strict and punitive style. Parents, in most cases demand that the children should recognized their efforts and ensure that strict adherence to rules is followed. According to McKay (2006), unlike the authoritative parenting, authoritarian parenting does not provide room for discussion of issues between parents and their children and parents are also not forced to explain the reasons behind their demands from the children. In such circumstances, Landes-Stordahl (2008) believes that the children’s self esteem level is normally undermined due to the lack of freedom to exercise what they perceive to be right and the total lack of the freedom of expression in their lives. When compared to permissive parenting style, it is most likely that children under authoritarian parenting would be better developed and would also be more responsible for their actions. Punishment is normally given by parents to the disobedient children.

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