Types of Marketing – 4 Ps

What are the 4 Ps in Marketing?

The 4 Ps of marketing are the most important aspects of selling a product or service. Furthermore, the 4 Ps are the services and goods’ product, price, place, and promotion.

Companies are known to use the 4 Ps to understand what their clients want from them, how their goods or service fulfills or fails to satisfy those demands, how their product or services are unique as compared to their rivals, and how the way they interact with the customers.


In the 1950s, Neil Borden popularized the concept of the marketing mix—and
the principles that would eventually be known as the four Ps. Borden taught
advertising a Harvard University.

His work “The Concept of the Marketing Mix,” published in 1964, exemplified
how companies should use advertising to engage their customers. Companies are
still employing the themes that Borden popularized decades later to advertise
their products and services.

Borden’s concepts were hugely influential in the business world when they
were first introduced, and they were further expanded and polished over time by
other influential people in the industry.

Furthermore, Borden’s ideas were enhanced by E. Jerome McCarthy, a marketing
professor at Michigan State University, who invented the term “4 Ps,”
which is still used today. McCarthy co-authored “Basic Marketing: A
Managerial Approach” in 1960, which made the four-paragraph marketing
strategy popular.

When it was first developed, the marketing mix assisted businesses in
accounting for the physical barriers that hampered general product acceptance.

The Internet has now benefited businesses in attaining a better level of
integration with their clients, as well as overcoming some of these obstacles.
People, process, and physical evidence are more relevant to today’s marketing
trends than the traditional four Ps.

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