Essay: The recent protest in Egypt

25 Jun

Essay: The recent protest in Egypt

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Recent protest in Egypt has seen many corresponding features with old philosophical theories that try to explain human behavior in a sociological perspective. Some of the most applicable discussions came from the Weber’s definition of sociology, Weber’s ‘Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism and the Durkheim’s ‘Pragmatism & the question of truth. Close analysis of these protests clearly brings out several theoretical explanations that these sociologists brought forward. Causative agents that lead this Arab nation to ouster its president and demand another form of governance will be related to what these great philosophers asserted.

A sociological approach to understand reasons for Egyptian protests will be applied. According to max Weber (1897), sociology as a science seeks to interpret and comprehend actions of people in a particular social set up, explain why they happen and effects likely to accompany them (Weber). Although all philosophical explanations were brought forward a long time ago, the fact remain that man is a political animal and passes his characteristics to subsequent generations therefore implying that they are still relevant up to hitherto. This paper explores the recent events in Egypt and relates the same to several theoretical hypotheses by the two men that can be used to explain them.

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