Essay: The extent of domestic violence

1 May

Essay: The extent of domestic violence

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The extent of domestic violence is a far more pervasive experience for women victims than it may be indicated by police statistics. However, efforts that are needed to estimate its actual occurrence and prevalence is hampered by methodological challenges and reluctance of women, men or children to disclose or/and report abuse due to loyalty, embarrassment or fear. In UK there is no dedicated national survey dealing with collecting, recording, analyzing and disseminating of statistics related to domestic violence and violence against women.

However, the British crime surveys (BCS) reports that 1 in 4 women experience domestic violence over their lifetimes (BCS). Many of the abused women usually struggle and put violence committed to them behind by abandoning their intimate relationship. But the current situation indicates that domestic violence is quite substantial issue for many women. According to BCS report 2006, 1 in 25 of women were involved in non-sexual assaults, 3 in 4 of these victims reported victimization in previous year and 3 in 4 women reported to be injured in the last year. 1 in 17 of women was exposed to control of their movements and financial abuse. Psychological and sexual violence are reported to have higher lifetime prevalence estimated at 30-40 percent.

In most cases of domestic violence cases reported to public agencies involves male perpetrators and female victims. Although, domestic violence is pervasive and more pronounced, only handful of these cases are reported to community agencies or police. For instance, in the year 2006, BCS managed to pick 11% of domestic violence incidences in that year.

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