Essay: Major Principles of Morality

25 Sep

Essay: Major Principles of Morality

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Without the fear of contradiction where law is found there you will find right, duty, morality, justice, freedom, equity just to mention a number of them. These translate to the major principles of morality where all laws for example; scriptural laws from the Old Testament and New Testament, human/positive laws, rights of nations and civil laws culminate. Natural law, on the other hand provides insights into understanding the essence of political authority.

As mentioned above, laws are reservoirs from which other principles of morality derive. The presence of equity and fairness in a community is commensurate to the laws enacted. Not only are those, rights are defined by the laws in place. From the above position, it can be argued that a society with defective laws succumbs to defective rights or defective justice. Therefore, a cry by the citizens that there is no justice dispensed to them means either their rights are deliberately infringed by acts of impunity or the laws do not promote the well-being of all as it should.

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