Essay: Handling ineffective performance

26 Oct

Essay: Handling ineffective performance

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In this scenario pertaining GWVC, my recommendations that can facilitate leadership effectiveness should encompass structural strengthening to have clear channel of command. Whereby in this case, a modified hierarchical structure which is accommodative, involving and encourages participation of all leaders should be adopted to safe guard against limitations and non-performance likely to occur under the structure.

But on a much higher note, performance feedback programs should be put top on the management reform list in relation to leadership.

This research on Gritty Wood Veneer Company conceptualizes feedback as part of a longitudinal performance management process influenced by, and contributing to, the individual’s feedback orientation and the organization’s feedback culture. In this respect, through useful components of feedback approach such as feedback orientation as an individual’s overall receptivity to feedback that incorporates: being comfort with feedback, tendency of seeking feedback and processing it, and the likelihood of acting on the feedback to guide behavior change and performance improvement of the Gritty Wood Veneer Company. Through enactment of the positive feedback culture that enables the organization to support for feedback by properly interpreting and using feedback can possibly improve the link between performance improvement and valued outcomes (Armstrong, 2007).

However, leadership style of the supervisors, directors and managers should be shifted from currently autocratic sort of to people centered style which encourages participation, consultation, involvement into running of the company.  By taking into account these recommendations to have clear channel of command, adopt feedback processes programs among key leaders and changing leadership style to a more people centered style: the firm shall better

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