Essay Formatting

Depending on the discipline and/or the professor’s preferences, each Essay Formatting must adhere to a certain academic formatting style. Below, we’ll go over the four most prevalent ones.

Essay Formatting Includes

Essay Formatting – APA

Make a title page for your book with a running title. Put your paper’s title in the left corner and the page number on the right. The essay title should also be repeated in the center of the first page, centered. Include your name and connection with the institution.

This style also employs 1-inch margins. In-text citations should include the author’s last name, the date the source was created, and the page number if you’ve directly quoted something. Finally, make a “References” list.


Here, a title page is required. The title of the paper (in all capitals) should be somewhat below the center of the page, with your name, subject, and date center.

Use 1-inch margins and insert the page number in the upper right corner. For in-text citations, this style necessitates the inclusion of footnotes, therefore look for templates online or ask your lecturer for one. All utilized sources should be included in the “Bibliography” section at the conclusion.


There should be a title page. The title of your essay (in all capitals) should be located in the center of the page. Write your name, the course, your professor’s name, the university, the city, and the date after skipping a few lines.

A running head is also required: place the title of your work in the right top corner, add some space, and then input the page number.


Because it lacks a title page, make a heading in the left upper corner with your name, subject, and date. After that, immediately begin writing an essay.

Page numbers should be included in a running title that includes your surname, such as this: 1. Last Name On both sides, use 1-inch margins. Use the author’s last name followed by the page number where the information was discovered for in-text citations.

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