How does the essay writer or academic writer know my requirements?

When you place an order you give us some details about what are the topics and the relevant course. Some instructions about educational level, citation, number of words etc will help the essay writer or academic writer understand what exactly you require.

Every time you place an order, a writer related to your field of study and course will be assigned to write it so that he knows what actually is required in the academic writing for that particular course.

How do I know the status of my essay?

When your order is placed you are provided with a tracking number. Keep that number and use it whenever you want to check the status of your essay. Also, keep checking your email inbox in case we send you any mail with regards to your academic paper.

What will you do with my personal information?

We follow our privacy policies very strictly and are concerned about your privacy of information. All your information is kept highly confidential so that you are satisfied by all means.

Will you provide me with the paper within the time I give?

Certainly! We have a number of writers available to write your paper. We are admired for the punctuality and on-time delivery of every order given to us. Even if it is a matter of hours, the essay writer we assign to do your order will be highly intellectual and capable of writing original papers within no time.

We guarantee

  • Premium quality
  • Prompt delivery
  • Original work
  • 100% free of plagiarism
  • Strict privacy policy
  • No Resale
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Order tracking
  • Customized papers

What do I do if I have any queries after I place an order?

We have our customer support service available 24/7. You can get your queries solved anytime you want. We believe in providing services above expectations.

Are there any hidden charges?

No! Not at all. We do not charge you any extra penny; you only have to pay for the services we provide. All the prices available on our website are final and you can choose according to your convenience.