Essay: The need for men to maintain the status quo

10 Oct

Essay: The need for men to maintain the status quo

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The need by some men to constantly maintain the status quo has also been a very huge barrier towards ensuring that efforts to put women into leadership become a success. Indeed women are economically disadvantaged compared to men (Thompson, 2003, pp.3-207). Most of them rely on their husbands to support them financially and seldom own any assets.

This proves as a hindrance when running for offices because they are not in a position to bankroll their campaigns. Indeed the suspicion by men and within the women themselves on their intention for wanting to lead has also been a bigger challenge (Toor & Ofori, 2009, pp.533–547). This explains the reason why it is believed that the worst enemies of women are the women themselves. Due to jealousy or envy they tend not to support themselves. It is proven that women constitute the larger population yet very few of them hold senior positions in government.

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