Essay: The path and promise of fatherhood for gang members

10 Oct

Essay: The path and promise of fatherhood for gang members

Sample Essay

As Laub and Sampson (2001, p.1) assert, research studies on crime desistance are often hampered by existing incoherence of definitions, measurements and theoretical frameworks. Therefore, it is imperative to select an article which is not obscured by this factor. Hunt et al (2009) present such an article and as opposed to other articles, it addressed a rather rarely researched aspect of crime desistance. The prospects of discovering a new angle to criminal desistance among gang members made the article an enjoyable read.

This is especially so because previous research and public opinion has often portrayed gang members as less likely to be influenced by fatherhood. More often than not, male gang members identify themselves with more masculine roles and are likely to consider fatherhood as such. With a closer look at the research contents, this article was quite appealing and as earlier mentioned it assured one of improved knowledge of the subject after evaluating it. From the research, it was evident that women played a big role in the turning point of the gang member fathers. Consequently, a desire emerges for wanting to gain an in-depth grasp of the opinions of the women in the lives of the gang members and form relations and more insight on the impact of fatherhood on crime desistance.

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