Essay: Social Cognition in ASD status

Sample Essay – Social Cognition

A number of researchers have investigated social cognition in children with ASD. However, very few of these studies have examined both social cognition and social acceptance to demonstrate that impairments in social cognition are related to lowered social status. Only one such study, by Stiliadis and Wiener (1989), was found during the literature search for this review. Stiliadis and Wiener (1989) examined the social-perceptual abilities and sociometric status of 30 students with and 30 students without disabilities.

Students with ASD had more difficulty with social-perceptual tasks and teacher ratings of social-cognitive ability than students without disabilities.

In addition, social cognition, as rated by teachers, was also significantly related to lower peer acceptance for children with ASD. Thus, this study suggests a link between social cognition and social acceptance for children with ASD.

The vast majority of the research literature, however, focuses only on the social-cognitive deficits of these students as indirect support for such a relationship between social cognition and peer acceptance among children with ASD. As a result, the ensuing discussion focuses on studies investigating the social cognitions of students with ASD.

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