Essay: Secure Sockets Layer

19 Oct

Essay: Secure Sockets Layer

Sample Essay

Secure socket layer (SSL) is security management protocol that aims at securing information transmitted over the internet. In order to facilitate its functions, SSL uses programmed layer that is between the TCP (Transport Control Protocol) and the ITTP (Internet Hypertext Transfer Protocol). However, recently SSL is being replaced by TLS (Transport Layer Security). SSL is incorporated in numerous web application tools such as Netscape and Microsoft browser and most internet server products.

SSL provides security by creating a unique encrypted medium or route for private information transmission over public internet. In order to do the security each SSL certificate consists of public and private key respectively. In the regard, public key is used for the purpose of encrypting the information, while private key is used for the purpose of decrypting the same information.SSL is provided by a certificate on websites (Jeffrey, 2000).

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