Essay: Replacing damaged neurons

Sample Essay – Neurons 

It is possible to replace or repair damage neurons with implants and supplement biological neurons with synthetic neurons while the same human functions are retained.  The memory, processing power and new abilities can be added to human machinery. (Parthan, 2000). Mental processing of a living person along with personal identity is migrated through silicon which involves putting the mind into a machine.

The process involves modification of mind by increasing scope of senses, adding new senses to the brain and increasing memory functions by creating remote links to all the existing records based on human cultural and intellectual history.

Unnecessary activities such as sleeping, dreaming or unwanted personality traits are eliminated by installation of new ones. Another technology benefit is the use of a pacemaker to sustain the normal heart functions to be alive comprises both human and artificial mechanism (Parthan, 2000).

The wealthy people will be able to afford supply of technologies they need to live an educated and connected life. The future looks bright for educated since they will afford technological advances by acquiring superior biological system, advanced neural computational abilities and ability to be serviced medically in ways that will enhance personal freedom and dignity.

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