Essay: Rehabilitative programs for re-offenders

Sample Essay – Rehabilitative programs

Research shows that effective correctional or rehabilitative programs, those which minimize recidivism rates, are characterized by several factors. Such programs should target convicts who are at a greater risk of re-offending.  Treatment should also be reserved for needy inmates as indicated by the treatment needs assessments such as the Criminal Sentiments Scale.

Giving high intensity treatment to low risk criminals may cause more harm than good by widely exposing them to criminals with severe anti-social attitudes or behaviour. The Criminal Sentiments scale can help professional to have a better understanding of criminals, and manage them with easy while putting into consideration their diverse needs.

In conclusion, the benefits of applying the Criminal Sentiment Scale in managing inmates are numerous but for this to work effectively, professionals dealing with such people need to evaluate the treatment needs of offenders so as to reduce re-offending risk and reconstruct antisocial behaviour.

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