Essay: Status on spinal manipulation therapy

17 Oct

Essay: Status on spinal manipulation therapy

Sample Essay

Studies have shown that this method is effective and does not come with very serious side effects, as it is the case in conventional treatment. Treated areas experience some sort of discomfort for a sort period approximately 1-2 days and subsequently goes away (Tulder, 2006, p. 381). There are few cases of serious complications. This has attracted a lot of attention from both heath professionals and patients leading to an extensive research initiative bout low back pain treatment. Healthcare professionals have gone ahead to encourage their patients to reveal any alternative or complementary methods they could be using at home and that is related to manipulation of the back in order to gain more insight into it.

Studies in the US have shown that everyone experience back pain at least once in life. According to Keller and Colloca, 2000, p. 591), the pains cannot be associated with any causative agent apart from cases where there is direct linkages to certain known stimuli. This is to say that unless the doctor or the patient did something like falling or introduced some harmful elements into their body, these pains can not be linked to anything else. Almost a quarter of adults in the US experience low back pains each year (617). For most of them, the pains last for a few weeks even if treatment of whatever kind is used. These pains can become chronic in some cases thus making it very difficult to treat and study.

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