Essay: Sex trafficking-increase in night clubs

12 Oct

Essay: Sex trafficking-increase in night clubs

Sample Essay

Introduction of nightclubs in many areas has resulted in an increase in sexual offences. Statistics has it that rape cases have more than doubled in some places. A report by an antisex work organization, Lilith research and development, indicated that rape case in Camden town in the U.K, increased by 50%. Latter, a publication by guardian published a contradicting report that the figure was at 30% (IUSW). According to IUSW, these figures are not true. The union argues that such sentiments are directed at painting bad the picture to the trade.

It argues that no matter the figure of these sex workers, they need to be recognized and their rights granted (IUSW). Apne Aap on the other end has been involved in campaign to discourage the culture of visiting entertainment zones especially by women. Access to such venues encourages one to indulge in immoral sexual activities especially with the youth (Apne Aap). The NGO approves the rising figures of rape incidences and has been in the forefront to fight and reduce them.

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