Essay: Sales era

12 Oct

Essay: Sales era

Sample Essay

After a decade of production era during industrial revolution, it resulted to more production capabilities in industrial world. The distinction of the sales era and production era was the aspect of intensified competition and wining the consumer’s amongst producers of unique products. Thus marketers had drive to sale due to competition. The market had expanded as a result of industrial activities and early awakenings of technological like advertising.

Therefore reaching for the potential customers was given a priority. Customer’s characteristics were crucial to the success of marketing strategy. Therefore, demographic and economic aspects of consumers shaped this period for marketers. This period focused on market fragmentation that was characterized by dominant marketing strategy geared towards making profits by charging high prices on relatively low sales volumes. The political regimes adopted policies that facilitated globalization and liberalization of trade world that opened internationals market for various marketers. For instance in1944 World Bank and IMF bodies were formulated to allow eradication of protectionism policies (Andrew, John, 2002, p. 205) and facilitate international trade and currency stability.

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