Essay: Sex trafficking-over view

12 Oct

Essay: Sex trafficking-over view

Sample Essay

Commercial sex workers are likely to receive a cold reception in the world of business, however, they are receiving much support from various sex worker rights group like the IUSW. Selling sex by itself is a very demoralizing behavior considering that some of those involved in it do so desperately and not out of their will. Interventions by various organizations are so antagonistic with some in support for and others opposing the idea. In this study, IUSW approaches this problem in a more favorable manner to the sex workers whereas Apne Aap opposes the trade strongly by targeting women and children who are most vulnerable.

On the levels of success, the fight against sex trade is being undermined by the change in culture in respect to modern living, and lack of commitment from various stakeholders. However, those advocating for it have received so much support from various legal systems especially in Europe and the western world majorly the USA. As much as people will support this practice, it remains morally unacceptable.

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