Essay: Sex trafficking

11 Oct

Essay: Sex trafficking

Sample Essay

The term sex worker was first used in 1980 by a sex worker activist Carol Leigh and it became a common word after the publication of the anthology, sex work: writings by women in the sex industry in 1987 (Kara 2009, p. 32). Other world organizations have also come to publish various academic publications using the term for instance the world health organization and various governmental units such as health ministries of various countries. The oxford dictionary have also listed the word as an English word and thus making the issue of sex working a well-known phenomenon.

A sex worker is defined as a person who works in the sex industry (Kara, 2009, p.34). The use of this term is however strongly opposed by many who term the trade as anti social. Such opposing forces come from organizations such as prostitution abolitionists, anti prostitution feminists and other social conservative groups (Apne Aap).

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