Essay: Sex trafficking-slave trade

12 Oct

Essay: Sex trafficking-slave trade

Sample Essay

Sex trafficking has introduced slave trade in some parts of the world. Africa suffers the greatest since most of trafficked individual come from African states. With a promise for better jobs abroad, these innocent young girls are taken to foreign countries for sex slavery (Kara, 2009, p.33). There are very poor and in some instances no laws that can be used to stop this. Apne Aap has for over long time advocated for establishment of such laws not only in India but also all over the world through women organizations. It proposes that the laws should focus on punishing those who do such businesses and everybody else that benefits from the same such as those who own brothels (Apne Aap).

Contrary, IUSW has laid strategies to ensure that this trade is respected and anyone from any part of the earth willing to engage in it allowed to. A recent report quotes a senior police officer in the U.K, Constable Simon Byrne calling for review of law on prostitution (IUSW). Such pleas have gone well with the IUSW who supported such calls saying it will reduce the number of prosecution from activities regarded as illegal yet they are not.

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