Essay: Sex trafficking-H.I.V and AIDS

12 Oct

Essay: Sex trafficking-H.I.V and AIDS

Sample Essay

H.I.V and AIDS is a thorny flesh to the world as per now. The world is putting all efforts to fight this monster and one of the efforts being put in is provision of medication to the infected population. As much as Apne Aap is opposed to the whole idea of trading in sex, it has been quoted advocating for provision of medical support to those already affected. It also calls for various mitigation measures to be undertaken to assist the already affected group (Apne Aap). It goes further to consider women and children left by victims of the disease and focuses on helping them avoid engaging in such practices again.

IUSW is also involved in campaigning for better medical attentions to some of the sex workers who fall prey to this disease. The organization sites lack of medical assistance to these victims as the main cause of early deaths amongst them that could be avoided and their lives prolonged (IUSW). Such action might be of help to the victims but of little help to the society since the epidemic will continue claiming more lives.

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