Essay: Cancer Control at the NCI

17 Oct

Essay: Cancer Control at the NCI

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The NCI controls cancer through its Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences (DCCPS).  DCCPS controls cancer in the population by striving to understand the causes and distribution of cancer in populations; monitor and explain cancer trends; and support the development and implementation of effective interventions.

Therefore, through the DCCPS National Cancer Institute is able to control cancer in the US by DCCPS generating new knowledge and seeking to ensure that the products of cancer control research are effectively applied in all segments of the population within US and worldwide.

The cancer control section utilizes various programs to accomplish the control mechanisms of cancer. These programs are: the first program is Office of Cancer Survivorship that supports research that explores the long and short term physical and psychological effects of cancer and its treatment. The second section is the Applied Research Program evaluates patterns and trends in cancer associated health behaviors and practices, genetic susceptibilities, outcomes, and services. The third program Behavioral Research that aims and supports investigations ranging from basic behavioral research to research on the development and dissemination of interventions in areas such as tobacco use, dietary behavior, sun protection, decision making, and counseling about testing for cancer susceptibility and participation in cancer screening. The fourth program is the Epidemiology and Genetics Research which focuses on the population-based research to increase our understanding of the etiology and prevention of cancer. And the fifth and the last program is the Surveillance Research that aim at cancer surveillance and health services research to answer key questions about cancer incidence and mortality in diverse regions and populations of the United States of America.

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