Essay: Cancer Immunology and Hematology Branch at the NCI

17 Oct

Essay: Cancer Immunology and Hematology Branch at the NCI

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Cancer Immunology and Hematology Branch supports basic research in tumor immunology and the biology, biochemistry, and molecular biology of the hematologic malignancies such as leukemias, lymphomas, and multiple myeloma.

The major areas are: immune response to tumors; receptor biology/signal transduction cascades; cytokines; antibodies and antibody genes; T-cell biology; oncogenes; the biology of hematopoietic tumors like AIDS lymphomas; immunologic aspects of bone-marrow transplantation; the biology of antigen-presenting cells and nonspecific effectors of the immune system like natural killer cells; granulocytes and macrophages; hematopoietic differentiation; and the stem cell biology of hematologic malignancies. The fourth program is DNA and Chromosome Aberrations Branch is responsible for supporting basic cancer research program that emphasizes cancer genetics and genomic studies at the DNA and chromosome level, which including discovery of genes at sites of chromosome breaks, deletions, and translocations; RNA interference, epigenetics, radiation- and chemical-induced changes in DNA replication and supporting analytical technologies; studies of DNA structure and mechanisms involved in chromosomal aberrations; DNA damage, mutagenesis and repair, chromatin remodeling and transcriptional regulation of gene expression. The fifth program involves the Structural Biology and Molecular Applications Branch that focuses on structural and molecular approaches to understanding processes involved in carcinogenesis and tumorigenesis.

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