Essay: Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment at NCI

15 Oct

Essay: Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment at NCI

Sample Essay

The Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis has seven major programs such as the Cancer Diagnosis Program which coordinates, and funds specimen resources, databases related to those specimens and research on diagnostics and improved technologies to better characterize tumors.

Secondly, the Cancer Imaging Program that applies new technologies to expand the role of imaging in noninvasive diagnosis, identification of disease subsets in patients, disease staging, and treatment monitoring in all cancer related cases. Third, there is Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program this function as NCI’s primary clinical evaluator of new anticancer agents, radiation treatments, and surgical methods. This is a vital program and its importance lies in the fact that it administers the eleven (11) cooperative research groups that unite researchers around the US and the world in the pursuit of distinctive and effective new treatments for cancer.

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