Essay: Cancer Biology at NCI

17 Oct

Essay: Cancer Biology at NCI

Sample Essay 

The NCI’s cancer biology is accomplished through the Division of Cancer Biology (DCB) that manages a multidisciplinary program of basic and applied research on cancer cell biology. The most areas dealt with are such as research on carcinogenesis and cancer immunology.

The division of cancer biology (DCB) has six sections that support a variety of broad-based investigator-initiated research grants from academic institutions, research institutes, and small businesses.

First, Cancer Cell Biology section usually supports and encourages basic research projects covering a broad spectrum of topics aimed at understanding the biological basis of cancer. The portfolio researched on are in terms of the search for proteins and networks responsible for the cancer phenotype, investigation of aberrantly modified regulatory processes that promote cell proliferation or inhibit cell death, and the identification of connecting pathways that ensure tumor cell survival. The research purely utilizes non-mammalian organisms as well as mammalian models to undertake the functional analysis of oncogenes and tumor suppressors in parallel with studies on human tumor cells and tissues. This program of NCI is the discovery of new information that has practical application to disease detection or treatment. The second program is the Cancer Etiology Branch that is responsible to develop and manage a national extramural research program dealing with biological, chemical, and physical agents that are possible etiological factors or co-factors in cancer and with the control of these agents and their associated diseases. The program utilizes specific agents of interest include infectious agents such as viruses and bacteria and chemical carcinogens such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and hormones.

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